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About us

Noemia arose with the idea of offering a home to anyone eager of adventure, passionate about discovering the beauty of the Adriatic coast, as well as enjoying the natural beauty of Baška Voda and Makarska Riviera. AS our guest, we want to make you feel welcomed, exceptional and pleased.

The main reason we created Noemia Resort, Apartments and Hotel is because we wanted to offer all of our guests an excellent service which will hopefully lead them to the most important thing for all of us – creating an experience which will last forever.

Our mission is create

Our mission is to create:

Your Joyful Memories

We live in wonderful World that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Noemia is here to offer you warm welcome, authentic experience and pleasant stay while you create memories with your beloved ones.

Noemia Resort

Traditional hospitality and comfort

Noemia Resort offers you a unique experience of vacation along with traditional croatian hospitality, high comfort of accomodation providing everything needed for a peaceful vacation on the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast. Vicinity of the beach, interiors which will fascinate you and the service which will make Noemia resort your first choice.

Naslovna slika
Naslovna slika

Noemia apartments

Modern design and functionality

Noemia Apartments are tailored towards you, whether you want to spend a vacation with your family, friends or you are simply a fan of modern designed and personalized spaces, Noemia Apartmetns will fulfill your expectations. Sneak into the interiors which merge functionality and deisgn, and enjoy.

Noemia hotel

High comfort and contemporary design

Noemia Hotel seems like a perfect getaway for your next holidays. Featuring a modern pool and a bar, completely newly equipped gym, a restaurant - spending holidays alone, with your family or friends, we will make sure to make your experience at Noemia Hotel and Baška Voda unforgettable.

Naslovna slika
About us


Village of the fishermen

A country famed for its beauty, one of Croatia’s most beautiful destinations is a place where the Adriatic sea and mountains merge together.A holiday that you dream of, a holiday that enriches your soul and body.Baška Voda is located on the place where the magnificent massif of the mountain Biokovo which kisses the most beautiful part of the Makarska littoral. Once a place of farmers and fishermen, beautiful and sung landscapes by hard-working hosts, it has been turned into a tourist pearl of the Adriatic with all the facilities and features of a small Mediterranean town. Beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and great climate await you in Baška Voda.